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August 7th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

      Everyone delete this journal!

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July 29th, 2005
Girl: hey baby i want to show you....
Boy: ( cutting her off ) ugh i'm so mad
Girl: why? whats wrong ?
Boy: ugh everything
Girl: explain baby
Boy: just lost a championship game,
parents flipped out on me for no reason,
and im catching a cold
Girl: well hey there will always be other games,
you know ill take care of you when your sick,
what your parents flip about ?
Boy: they are making me pay them for a car repair
Girl: is it alot of money
Boy: no it just sucks
Boy: but hey i dont feel well im going to go lay down
Boy: bye
Girl: wait i want to give you some...
Boy: cant it wait til tommorow ?
Girl: yeah sure
Girl: bye
Boy: bye

2 hours later a friend of hers asks her to go for a drive ...she goes.....

her friend swerved to avoid a truck....hitting a tree instead

her friend was killed instantly....shes in critical condition

This is the conversation between her sister and her boyfriend

Sister: omg ( crying )
Boy: what? whats wrong ?
Sister: my sister...your gf was involved in a major car wreck
Boy: is she ok ? ?????
Sister: shes in critical condition
Boy: i'll be there in 10 minutes

He shows up to the hospital room ...standing outside the door
going over the last conversation in his mind over and over as he
heard the machines beep and beep and breathing tubes pump

Boy: she wanted to give me something or tell me something
Girls mom: yeah this...

it was an envelope smelling like she did sealed with a kiss in lipstick

he opened it.....

it said ..... your everything to me....i love you with everything i am
and everything i have...i want to spend the rest of my life with you

sealed in it was a ripped movie ticket from the first movie they went to

and the first picture they took together

he kissed the picture as a tear fell from his face onto the picture

it looked as if in the picture she was crying

then the machines flatlined....3 minutes later she was pronounced dead

If you have any heart...any soul...or want to be happy you will repost this.
if you care for someone ...do not let something like this ever happen

Post this in the next 200 seconds and you WILL have THE best

day of your life THIS SATURDAY. You're number one *love* Will

either kiss you, ask you out, or call you or better. If

you break this chain you will have a lousy day on Saturday, and

you know you can

New Journal [Wednesday
July 27th, 2005
[ mood | worried ]

okay.. i have to write this again..become some people just don't follow rules very well..    but thats okay :)   

If you want to be added on my new journal  define_normal_x  ... then read that entry.. and comment on that entry :)         If you don't comment.. Then I won't add you...       It's not very hard...           read, comment.. get added  :)


July 25th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]


         Go to that journal.. comment to be added... I'm sick of this journal. So yeah.. comment on that journal to be added :)


July 21st, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

okay so i know that i haven't updated in like forever. but it's summer and i'm supposed to be outside having funn.. instead of being on the computer. but yeah. so on Tuesday *Cheyanne called and told me to come over like immediately so thats what i did :) and then when i got there we called *Ashley, *Nick, *Mike, and *Holden and *Chantel but No one could come to *Cheyanne's party the next day :( Because everyone was busy or no one was home.. except for *Ashley.. and she came and spent the night with me and *Erin.. its a tradition with me. *erin. *cheyanne and *ashley.. we always spend the night before *cheyanne's party.. and then the next day we have a cake fight :p but anywayysss... the next day we went swimming and set up for her party ... {It was a **Hawaiian Theme!} and we waited like forever for everyone to show up! but then *cassi. *shawnessy. *kayla. and *emilee. showed up :) and we all went swimming.. haha and *cassi. was trying soo hard to piss *kayla. off.. and i def* think it worked.. but whatever.. and then i had a little blonde moment..
*Cassi - Whats this thing
*Me - thats chlorafil... ya know the stuff that cleans the pool
*Cassi - ya mean Chlorine
*Kelsey - haha yeah!
i'm sucha blonde sometimes.... then like everyone went home .. and now i have a wicked bad sunburn :( and it hurts like a bitch :( and nothing else thats exciting has happened since then.. but soon i'm going shopping with *cheyanne :) hehe can't wait .. and tomorrow i'm supposed to hang out with *chantel... but i doubt thats gonna happen... because i haven't talked to her at all today.. but whatever...
lately it seems like i can only trust some of my friends.. and i hate that.. because i'd rather be able to tell my friends everything.. then have to be careful about what i say around them, and i also hate the fact that some of my friends.. hate my other friends.. {<-- and that wasn't directed to anyone} but i just wish that all of my friends were friends too.. but i doubt that will ever happen..
but i seriously cannot wait till tomorrow.... i need to get out of this house!! but whatever.. i'm done ranting

Oo Comments are love oO <33


Stole this from Jamee [Sunday
July 10th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

Name 20 people you know:
1. Megan Therrien
2. Cheyanne Cushing
3. Tyler Gordon
4. Lauren Breton
5. Michael Anctil
6. Hailey Hemminger
7. Michael Castonguay
8. Chantel Charette
9. Jacob Keene
10. Erin Plourde
11. Travis Neil
12. Jamee Mcgee
13. Matt Esty
14. Nicholas Mitchell
15. Holden Parker
16. Emilee Castner
17. Dylan Bassett
18. Kerrie Fogg
19. Michael Armstrong
20. Kayla Gray
Now answer the questions below. . .

-- Who is ..8 going out with?: Greg Lewis
-- What about ..10?: No one
-- Is ..9 a boy or a girl?: Boy
-- Would ..11 and ..2 make a good couple?: Yes. Since they've gone out twice.
-- How about ..18 and ..5?: Hmm. Not Really.
-- Is ..6 hot? Oh yes ;)
-- What grade is ..17 in?: Going to 7th
-- When was the last time you talked to ..12? Earlier today
-- What is ..6's favorite band?: Hmm. I don't know.
-- Does ..1 have any siblings?: Yep. 2 Sisters.
-- Would you ever date ..3?: Already dated 3 times. && won't do it again.
-- Would you ever date ..7?: We've already dated, and Don't really wanna do that again.
-- What's ..15's last name?: Parker
-- What's ..5's middle name?: Daniel
-- What's ..10's fantasy?: To meet Jesse McCartney and Orlando Bloom.
-- Would ..14 and ..19...date?: Haha. No!
-- What school does ..20 go to?: LFHS.
-- And ..1: LFMS.
-- Tell me a random fact about ..11: He is the nicest guy I have ever met. && He got me flowers for my birthday :)
-- And ..3: Oh Gosh.. who couldn't love him.. lol he's pretty damn awesome.
-- Have you ever had a crush on ..16?: Haha no!
-- Where does ..9 live? Right down the road from mee.
-- What's ..4's favorite color..? blue i think.
-- Would you make out with ..8?: Haha. nope.
-- Are...5 &...6 best friends?: i don't even think that they've ever talked.
-- Does ..7 like ..20?: I don't think so.
-- Does ..8 like ..19?: Probably as friends.
-- How did you meet ..15?: School :) && We're best friends.
-- Does ..10 have any pets?: 2 dogs
-- Is ..13 older than you?: Nope.
-- Is ..2 the nicest person alive?: Yes, of course! thats why we're best friends.
-- Would you consider ..14 to be one of your best friends? Yes, I can tell him anything.. He is probably my 2nd best friend.


July 2nd, 2005
[ mood | mellow ]

Well I hung out with Lauren from Wednesday to Friday. We Talked online, went for walks, sang, went tubing and swimming, hung out with Nate, Matt, and Steven and a whole lot of other shit.
-- Haha Lauren.. I'm a pimpette because I have 3 boyfriends at once right ;) .. Oh bitch don't get all up in my kool-aid.. && YOUR A FUCKIN CLUB WHORE! haha that was fuckin hilarious! Anyways..after Lauren went home, Steven came down and I hung out with him. Then we went to the store. Thennnn I went to Auburn and I was gonna get my belly button pierced, but I couldn't because I'm too short, or something like that. So instead.. I got my nose pierced :) Hehe I've been wanting my nose pierced since I was like 5 years old :)

Now tonight I'm going to Oxford for the races and fireworks ... it's gonna suck because I can't bring a friend. But whatever.. and I was supposed to go with Cheyanne this weekend to her camp.. but I couldn't because I had to babysit..and all the fun stuff.

-- If you don't want the name of a fuckin slut then don't dress like one, and don't walk all over town with a bunch of guys. Seriously.. I know your smarter then this.. so why the hell are you choosing to be so fuckin stupid!?! && you wonder why guys think your easy...

*~*Leave some comments*~*


June 29th, 2005
[ mood | hyper ]

okay so the last entry was just to make me feel better. That def* helped :) From Friday to Sunday I was at my grandparents house because my mom went to Rhode Island, and then when my mom came home we went to my uncles house and we went tubing, and knee-boarding.
Then the past few days...I've been doing pretty much nothing. But today Lauren is coming over and we might be going to my uncles house :) We also might be hanging out with Steven and all of them :)

-_- everyone should read this, because if your my friend and you fuck up..then you'll see the consequences...

*I really don't see why 'you would say that 'you were friends with him and be all nice to him; and then when 'your with two other friends 'your a complete and total bitch. Do you think that makes you cool? Because it really doesn't.. it makes you look like a two faced bitch. And if you supposedly "love" your boyfriend and "care" about him, then you wouldn't have gone to a beach..gotten drunk..and made out with another guy. And if you think hanging out with a hell of a lot older people; makes you look "cool" sorry to break it to you.. but it really doesn't. 'You already have the name of a slut.. and seriously i'm starting to wonder if you really are. Talking about making out with guys and everything like that.. yeah it makes you sound like a slut. You cried and cried when your boyfriend broke up with you, and you said how badly you wanted him back. But now your going to risk it all and go get drunk..and make out with someone you don't even know. Seriously you are so unbelievably stupid. If you ever need someone to talk to.. or to solve your problems, don't come to me. Because I've helped you with practically everything, and now you've turned around and lied to me, and basically be a bitch. I don't want to hang out with you because you lie, your two faced, your a bitch, and your a slut. So do me a favor and don't talk to me, unless you want to apologize.. even tho I probably won't accept your apology.

DON'T cheat! This is like, 99.9% true!

1. Write a name of the opposite sex on a piece of paper.

2. Which colour is your favourite out of red, black, blue, green and

3. Your first initial

4. Your month of birth

5. Which colour do you like most? Black or white?

6. Name of a person of the same gender as you.

7. Do you like California or Florida more?

8. Do you like the lake or the ocean more?

9. Write down a realistic wish.













1. You are completely in love with this person

2. If you choose:
Red - You are alert and your life is full of love.
Black - You are conservative and agressive.
Green - Your soul is relaxed and you are laid back.
Blue - You are spontaneous and love kisses and affection from the one you love.
Yellow - You are a very happy person and give good advice to those who are down.

3. If your initial is:
A-K - You have a lot of love and friendship in your life.
L-R - You try to enjoy life to the maximum and your love life is soon to blossom.
S-Z - You like to help others and your future love life looks very good.

4. If you were born in:
January-March - The year will go very well for you and you will discover that you
fall in love with someone totally expected.
April-June - You will have a strong love relationship that will not last long
but with memories that will last forever.
July-September - You will have a great year and experience a major life changing
experience for the good.
October-December - Your love life will not be too great, but eventually, you will find
your soulmate.

5. If you chose:
Black - Your life will take on a different direction, it will seem hard for you at
the time but it will be the best thing for you, and you will be glad for the change.
White - You will have a friend who completely confides in you and would do
anything for you, but you may not realize it.

6. This person is your best friend.

7. If you chose:
California - You like adventure.
Florida - You are laid back.

8. If you chose:
Lake - You are loyal to your friends and your love. And you are very reserved.
Ocean - You are spontaneous and like to please people.

9. This wish will only come true if you RE-POST THIS BULLETIN on your
LiveJournal within the next hour and it will come true


June 25th, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

Don't you love it when your "friends" say stuff that isn't true? When they lie to your face, and they talk about you behind your back? I guess that might as well just be the definition of a friend.  I guess it's better to know that you have a few best friends that won't lie to you, and that will always be there for you no matter what.  Seriously I don't even see the point of being friends with someone..if all you're gonna do is lie to them..or talk about them.

I also don't see the point in dating someone if all your gonna do is cheat, lie, and be a jerk to them. I mean..if you cheat on someone; I would at least think that you would feel guilty about it. Why do you say that you "love" them and care about them, and want to be with them..if all you do is cheat. Especially if you cheat on them 7 times, seriously; 7 times. That basically just shows that you have no feelings at all. And you really don't care about the other person.  It's pretty bad when you have the other person thinking that your gonna change..and you won't cheat on them again.. if you think about it; it's kinda like you brain-washed the person.Why do people cheat? Honestly! I mean..all you have to do is break up with the other person..and be with the person you like. Because all your doing is hurting the person. Why be with someone if your gonna cheat? It seriously does not make any sense to me at all! Basically your just greedy and selfish if you cheat.

If your one of my best friends...you'll know who and what i'm talking about.

Everyone should comment :)

June 15th, 2005
[ mood | pissed off ]

i think it's time for me to update .... so nothing much has happened lately..hung out with Chantel over Memorial Weekend... then school...pretty awesome :) Last week we went to the UMF and then the Movies..and me and all my friends went and saw Madagascar... oh that was an awesome movie ;) Then i got punched in the eye by Tyler..because i was trying to put eyeshadow on him :p hehe...This week basically nothing..Monday was school ...Tuesday was school...Today was school..we had an assembly and everyone that performed did a really good job! Tomorrow we have another assembly..the award ceremony :) and tomorrow is like i think the last 'normal' day of school :) which is awesome ...except i'm gonna miss the 8th graders..they were awesome

Hailey - because she's one of my best friends..and all the b-ball games and the bus rides home :) and she was there when someone was being an asshole to me, and she knocked some sense into me and she's such an awesome friend :) <33 you

Jackson - because no matter what he was always there for me, no matter what..he always gave me advice on everything..and he's an awesome friend :) <33 you

Journey - because we've been friends since i was in 3rd grade and she was in 5th ...and she always gave me advice..and was there for me when someone was being a total loser, and she also knocked some sense into me..and she's an awesome friend :) <33 you

Kerrie - even tho you tricked me, into talking to him on the phone..your awesome especially since you hooked me and someone up..haha your awesome and your a great friend :) <33 you

but yeah there are other people that i would write about but i don't want to...

soo leave me lots of comments :)

p.s. me and Lauren might be hangin out this weekend, if my mom says yes :)

Edit - I know i said that i probably would be updating in biitch___0x but i don't really feel like it


May 11th, 2005
[ mood | creative ]

Okay so ii noticed that a lot of people on my friends list..still haven't added my new name  ..so if you want to be added just comment on my new journal where it has the "Friends Only" sign..if you comment on any other entry..i will not add you .but if you comment on the right entry... i will add you :)     



</strong></a></strong></a>biitch___0x    :)

May 11th, 2005
[ mood | creative ]

Okay so ii noticed that a lot of people on my friends list..still haven't added my new name  ..so if you want to be added just comment on my journal..and i will add you :)    



</strong></a></strong></a>biitch___0x    :)

May 5th, 2005
[ mood | hyper ]

You are...(looks)
[ ] tall
[x] in between
[ ] short

[ ]blonde
[ ] redhead
[ ]brunette
[x] black

[ ] blue-eyed
[x] brown-eyed
[ ] green-eyed
[ ] hazel eyed
[ ] gold eyed
[ ] grey eyed
[ ] glasses
[ ] contacts

[ ] braces
[ ] freckles
[x] piercings
[ ] tatoos

[ ] long hair
[ ] short hair
[x] med. hair

Your nationality includes...
[ ] chinese
[x] indian
[ ] taiwanese
[ ] japanese
[ ] hispanic
[ ] nicoya
[ ] puerto rican
[ ] chicana
[ ] italian
[ ] scottish
[ ] filipino
[ ] dutch
[x] french
[ ] german
[x] irish
[ ] greek
[ ] portuguese
[ ] polish
[ ] korean
[ ] jamacian
[ ] canadian
[ ] lithuanian
[x] Native American
[ ] Russian
[ ] British
[ ] Danish
[ ] African
[ ] Scandanavian
[ ] Armenian
[ ] Finish
[ ]Other

Your favorite color(s) are?
[ ] red
[x] pink
[ ] yellow
[x] black
[ ] green
[x] blue
[x] white
[ ] silver
[ ] purple
[ ] brown
[ ] orange

Some sports/physical things you have done?
[ ] soccer
[ ] cheerleading
[x] dancing
[ ] lacross
[ ] field hockey
[ ] hockey
[ ] football
[ ] softball
[ ] wrestling
[ ] gymnastics
[ ] track/cross country
[x] basketball
[ ] baseball
[ ] golf
[x] playing in the mudd
[x] playing music
[x] hiking
[x] kayaking
[x] camping
[x] horseback riding
[ ] marching band
[ ] good ole' fashion sex!!!!!

Your personality is sometimes...
[x] annoying
[x] talkative
[x] shy
[x] funny
[x] serious
[x] bubbly
[x] spazzy
[x] fun loving
[x] laid back
[ ] strict
[x] hyper
[x] weird

The music you like is?
[x] rap
[ ] rock
[x] pop
[x] country
[x] hip hop
[ ] r&b
[ ] slow jams
[ ] Christian
[ ] classical
[ ] techno
[ ] oldies
[ ] the 80s
[ ] punk
[ ] Metal
[ ] reggae
[ ] Goth
[ ] Latin
[ ] 90's Grunge
[ ] musicals

The pets you have are?
[x] cat
[x] dog
[ ] lizard
[ ] rat
[ ] ferret
[ ] rabbit
[ ] fish
[ ] Birds
[ ] other

Clothes you like to wear are?
[x] plain tshirts
[x] sweatshirts
[ ] stockings
[ ] high heels
[ ] boots
[x] sneakers
[x] jeans
[x] pj pants
[ ] boxers
[x] underwear
[ ] dresses
[ ] mini skirts
[ ] long skirts
[x] watches
[x] necklace
[x] hoop earring(s)
[x] toe socks
[x] flip flops
[x] halter tops
[ ] stilletos
[ ] band shirts
[x] shorts
[ ] sleeve-less

How do you like to wear your hair?
[x] down
[x] ponytail
[ ] pigtails
[x] messy bun
[ ] half ponytail
[x] scrunched/curly
[ ] bun
[x] crimped
[ ] with a bandana
[x] French braids (for basketball)
[x] lots of little braids (for basketball)
[ ] Gel
[x] hat
[ ] messy hot guy hair
[ ] sex hair
[ ] fohawk...a fake mohawk

You're mostly labeled as?
[ ] goth
[ ] emo
[ ] prep
[ ] punk
[ ] hippie
[ ] nerd
[ ] ditzy
[ ] hyper
[ ] happy
[ ] everything
[x] I hate labels! I'm just me!!!
[ ] i have no idea

You eat?
[ ] dessert every night
[ ] no meat - well no red meat.
[ ] diet stuff (diet coke!)
[x] healthy foods
[x] junk foods
[ ] a lot of carbs
[ ] lots of meat
[x] salad
[x] seafood
[x] Mountain Dew

A typical friday night...
[ ] mall with your friends
[ ] partying
[x] watching movies
[ ] going to the club
[x] staying home
[x] babysitting and getting $$
[x] hanging out w/ my friends
[ ] hanging out w/ your boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] working while your friends are out having fun

Currently you are...
[ ] in a relationship
[x] single and lovin it
[ ] crushing...(no sorta bout it)
[ ] single and looking for someone
[ ] just broke up... and so sad about it

Online, you use:
[x] lol
[ ] sup
[ ] =D
[x] lmao
[ ] stfu
[x] ty
[x] j/k
[x] ttyl
[x] g2g
[ ] ^^
[ ] T_T
[ ] x_x
[ ] ^_^

Did you like this survey?
[ ] yeah
[ ] no!
[ ] it was ok
[x] it was something to do
[ ]it made my life

HAVE YOU EVER..........
1. kissed your cousin: no
2. Ran away: yes
3. Broken someones heart: yes
4. Been in love: yes
5. Cried when some one died: yes
6. Wanted someone u no u cant have: haha yes
7. Broke a bone: yeah
8. Drank alcohol: yes :x
9. Lied: Yeah
10.Cried in school: yeah

11. coke or pepsi: coke
12. sprite or 7-up: sprite
13. Girls or guys: Guys
14. Flowers or candy: Flowers
15. Scruff or clean-shaven: as long as they're cute and nice i don't care
16. Quiet or loud: in between
17. Blondes or brunettes: dunno
18.Bitchy or slutty: bitchy
19.Tall or short: Tall
20.Pants or shorts: Pants

21.What do u notice first: Smile
22.Last person u slow danced with: Juan..at the dance
23.Whats the worst question 2 ask: way too many!

THE LAST TIME.............
24.Showered: like half an hour ago
25.Had sex: im a virgin
26.Had a great time with the opposite sex: umm i can't remember

27. Your good luck charm: dnt have one
28. Person u hate tha most: Kelsea..i think
29. The best thing that has happened?: umm i dunno

31.Movie: Honey or You Got Served
32.Subject: socual studies (but only because all my friends are in that class)
33.Juice: orange
34.Cars: Range Rover
35.Ice cream: chocolate
37.breakfast: i don't eat breakfast

38.Makes u laugh the most: friends
39.Makes u smile: Nick, Megan, Hailey, Lauren, Tyler
40.Can make u feel better no matter what: Nick, Tyler, Hailey,

41.Has a crush on u: Dylan, Michael, Travis, and Tyler. (There is someone else but he won't tell me who!!)
42.Do u have a crush on: somebody
43.Has it easier guy or girls: guys
44.Gives u a funny feeling when u c them: what do you mean by..funny feeling?

DO YOU EVER.................
45. Sit by the phone waiting for someone to call all night: no
46. Save aol convos: depends
47. Save e-mails: only the important ones
48. Wish u were sum one else: sometimes 
49. Wish u were a member of the opposite sex: nope!

50.Cologne: haha..i don't know
51.Perfume: Sweet Pea
52.Kiss: :x
53.Romantic memory: no idea
54.Most recent advice given to you: oh hell i don't remember

HAVE YOU...............
55. Fallen for ur best friend: no
56. Made out with just a friend: no
58. Been in love: yes
60. Used someone: nope
61. Been used: no
62. Cheated on someone: no
63. Been cheated on: yes
64. Had sex: no
65. Done something u regret: yessssss

66. U touched: Ethan
67. U talked to: Ethan
68. U hugged: Ethan
69. U imed: Lauren
70. U yelled at: Brandi
71. U kissed: it was a longgg time ago but Juan
72. U laughed with: Nick,Cheyanne,Garrett
73. Who broke ur heart: Juan
74. Who told u they loved u: Journey

DO YOU......
76. Color ur hair: yes
77. Have tatoos: no..but i want one
78. Have peircings: ears
79. Have a girlfriend/boyfriend/both: no.
80. Own a webcam: no
82. Ever get off tha damn comp: rarely
83. sprechen sie deutsch: huh?
84. habla espanol: ??
85. Quack: duck!

HAVE YOU ...........
86. Stolen anything: Juicey Fruit when i was about 4

ARE YOU.......
88. Schizophrenic: no
89. obsessive: music
90. compulsive: no
91. obsessive compulsive: no
92. panic: no
93. anxiety: No
94. Depressed: sometimes
95. Suicidal: no


This might be my last Journal Entry on this name...i decided to get a new one..well because i was kinda getting tired of this one....sooo my new journal is Friends Only..so comment ON MY NEW JOURNAL to be added       


May 2nd, 2005
[ mood | hopeful ]

okay people really need to stop saying shit about me and my friends..when..it's not true...it's very immature and really friggin stupid! yes you all have your opinions on different people...but seriously keep it to yourself! don't go around saying shit about us thats not even close to being true because it's really friggin annoying!


well today at lunch mrs.pettengill was being a bitch as usual..and then Holden and her got into yelling fight...like they were actually yelling at each other...it was pretty awesome...especially since like no one likes her so yeah...then of course mrs.pettengill was being a bitch to Kayla..and wouldn't let her go eat lunch...so kayla went to Mr.Gilbert and told him and now mrs.pettengill is like gonna in to trouble...or somethin like that


then in computer class Me,Dylan,Garrett,and Tyler..all got called to the office and then we had to go see mrs.eng and mrs.eaton because Brandi filed a bully report against us..because we "harrassed" her...which is kinda funny..since we hate her and don't even talk to her...so now mrs.eng is gonna call all of our parents..but i don't care because brandi is stupid! so now if i get 1 more bully thing against me i'm suspended for 1 day..and i already have 3 ...but there all from brandi...and brandi is obsessed with me and Tyler..it's really creepy! but like she calls every friggin day at least 5-10 times...and she won't leave me or tyler alone...but she says that we are harrassing her...whatever she's stupid

whatever i'm out before i say anything else
i want comments!!



April 24th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

+ i love my friends
+ i sometimes can be a perfectionist
+ On a dare I have eaten a crayon in art (long story)
+ i don't really like my dad
+ i want to be a choreographer when i grow up
+ i love making my friends laugh
+ i love laughing and smiling
+ i love eating cookie dough :)
+ i wanna become a fashion designer
+ i consider my sister one of my best friends

+ be honest
+ be yourself
+ be nice
+ care about me
+ get along with my friends and family
+ be my friend
+ don't cheat or lie
+ treat me like i deserved to be treated
+ write me notes

+ clothes
+ earrings
+ eyeliner
+ eyeshadow
+ lipgloss
+ my back pack
+ wallet
+ money

+ liars
+ stupid people
+ people who think they know everything about you, when they really don't
+ backstabbers
+ certain people
+ people who act different when they are with their friends
+ people who you don't like, that call you a million times in one day

+ New Hampshire
+ Hawaii
+ New York
+ North Carolina
+ California
+ Paris

+ get married (and not get divorced)
+ be happy
+ become a choreographer (or just become famous)
+ have my own fashion line
+ have a very successful life

+ drowning
+ suffocating
+ get kidnapped, and then murdered
+ losing someone i love

+ go to school
+ see my friends
+ laugh at least 10 times

+ call someone
+ yell at a stupid person who keeps calling

+ :x

okay so yes the last entry i made was very dramatic..but thats my life :) Vacation has well pretty much been boring..except for the two days i was hanging out with Hailey...that was..well fun..and very funny... and Lauren..i promise that we will hang out soon..very soon! So vacation was yeah vacation..i talked to Hailey, Lauren, Megan, Erin, Ashley, Alex, Chantel, Kayla, Tyler, and Juan...yeah i kno..not a lot but yeah they're all awesome..except for a couple of them :p
School should be interesting...can't wait (that was sarcastic for all you idiots)
Today i went to the movies and saw Guess Who..Ashton Kutcher is in it..and it's wicked funny...(you all should go see it)

But I need everyone's opinion on this! Okay I'm originally a brunette and I dyed my hair black in August..and re-dyed it in January i think...well I don't know if i should dye my hair
or if i should dye my hair
and put
*Blue streaks
*Pink Streaks
*Brown Streaks
and maybe
*White streaks
Like the girl on Making the band 3 (her name is Aubrey)
But i need to know what everyong thinks before i go and dye it again
so i want comments!!

at least i kno that you still love me and care about me :/


April 18th, 2005
[ mood | depressed ]

wow this has def* been the most dramatic week in my whole life

so all last week was like * Hat day, crazy hair day, school colors day, Hawaii Day, and sandal/slipper day so yeah they were all pretty good i guess then on Friday..well Friday started out good...than it turned out to be the worst day of my life!

so Friday it was Hawaii day and we had the music concert and then we had the volleyball tournament...which Miss.Hailey's team won =) then after school was the cookout and the dance... well at the cookout juan dumped me because there were 5 reasons why he had to..even tho i think he broke up with me for Kelsea...but yeah anyways...i was literally cryiing the whole time and then i was also shaking wicked bad...and so then juan tried to make me feel better by talking to me..which really didn't help so then he told me that i needed to walk around so i would stop shaking....and then Ryan said for Kelsea and juan to start the snowball...which made me even more mad...because she's the reason why we broke up...and then i found out that Hailey and some other people had requested for me and juan to start the snowball...but Kelsea crossed off my name and put hers..which made me really mad.and i guess made Hailey mad too..because she yelled something like you stupid whore thats supposed to be Kelsey Gray not you and started swearing..and then juan asked me to dance so i did..and then he asked me what Zach had said...so i told him..and he got realllyyyy mad..and went up to Zach and started yelling at him...so Zach almost punched Juan..so i got in the middle of both of them...(which probably wasn't the smartest thing i could've ever done because they're both friggin giants) well anyways i pushed juan so he wouldn't punch Zach..and then i tried talking to Juan...but he wouldn't pay attention to me because mrs.eaton was being a bitch and wouldn't let me talk to juan...because she thinks that he's "bad" for me..but whatever then when my mom walked in juan started talking to her and my mom just had to be mean to juan..god she bothers me sometimes...then when i got in the car..juan told me that he almost broke his hand..and i had been tryin to figure out how....then Hailey told me that when he had broke up with me he had punched the wall 4 times =/ and he supposedly elbowed Kelsea =D At the dance all my friends were tryin really hard to make me feel better like:
*Miss Hailey
*Miss Lauren
*Miss Megan
*Miss Kayla
*Mr Micheal.C
*Mr Sam
*Mr Holden
*Mr Travis
*Mr Tyler

and then at like 8 @ night Tyler called :) He's sucha good friend he always seems to make me laugh no matter what...same thing with Hailey :P

then on Saturday I talked to Tyler again and hung out with Miss. Hailey all day (well almost all day) until like 10:30 @ night then I walked home...we were at her house trying to call Mr.Jake...but we couldn't get ahold of him..but now they're goin out =D So now me and Hailey have our own dance...which is quite interesting :p but yeah now all ii can say is that i HATE Kelsea but like i've been saying Paybacks a bitch :D

leave me lots of comments
i wish you would change your miind =/

you say that i supposedly don't love you and care about you.....if i didn't love you and care about you then why would i be crying constantly since Friday?!!


April 11th, 2005
[ mood | amused ]

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Everyone should join!!!


April 10th, 2005
[ mood | accomplished ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com So Friday I didn't end up going to the movies, but I got to hang out with Josh and Kayla =) Which was a lot of funn....then Saturday..I didn't do anything..and now Sunday, I'm doing nothing

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis week at school should be funn..because :
Monday - Sandals/Slippers Day
Tuesday - Hat Day
Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day
Thursday - School Colors Day
Friday - Hawiian Day....Then after school..we have a school cookout and a dance =)

Then April vacation...hopefully going to the mall and hanging out with my friends

Image hosted by Photobucket.comSo I know that I said that I was going to post some pictures...well I'm going to do that right now! Most of them came out really bad =/
”ooCollapse )


April 6th, 2005
[ mood | hopeful ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOkay I just got my pictures from my party...and most of them came out all fuzzy but I'll still post them...but maybe later

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI think it's funny when Brandi says that I'm jealous of her....since
1. She's ugly as hell
2. She has no friends
3. She's stupid
4. She has the worst fashion style I have ever seen in my whole life!
5. She has the worst comebacks
6. I swear if she doesn't keep her mouth shut I'm gonna kick her fuckin ass and I have no problem doing that

I mean does calling someone a "jitty" soound mature to you? hmm I think not!

I admit I am a bitch and I have no problem being one..but I do have a problem having stupid people like Brandi going around running her mouth spreading rumors about me and my friends

God people are sooo stupid!!

Leave me some comments

Join my community!! oh_so__hott__ox



April 4th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI never went to the movies Friday :/ because all my friends are/were busy so hopefully I'll get to go this Friday, but I doubt it...and of course once again I didn't do anything all weekend except surprisingly I went to Wal*Mart on Saturday...and supposbly Erin and Megan did too..but I never saw them </p> Image hosted by Photobucket.com I had invited Erin over on Friday..and she said yes...then on Friday she says "oh sorry Kelsey I can't come over because I have basketball" well oh my effin god you have basketball every friggin day of the week! ya know Erin it's called taking a break from baskteball once in awhile!! and also Erin I hope you do read this (and I'm just kidding) </p>

   Thanks to ___lick for my layout :)

Image hosted by Photobucket.comI'm also finally getting my pictures from my birthday party developed :) so I should be posting those Image hosted by Photobucket.comOk I want you to comment with either a memory,your favorite song lyric,favorite movie,what you think of me,or pictures (because I just figured out how to post pictures ) It can be anything! </p> Image hosted by Photobucket.comOMG EVERYONE SHOULD JOIN MY NEW COMMUNITY, I'M HAVING SOMEONE MAKE ME A BANNER FOR THE COMMUNITY AND EVERYTHING :) THE COMMUNITY IS CALLED oh_so__hott__ox IT'S WHERE YOU POST PICTURES AND RATE PEOPLE ON THEIR LOOKS AND STUFF LIKE THAT..AND I ALSO NEED 2 MODS SO I EXPECT LOTSSSSS OF COMMENTS!!! :) *Peace Out Bitches*

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